Meditation x Mental Health

Updated: Feb 11

Self care, health, and wellness have taken a major role in society as we seek out the ideal healthy lifestyle. This movement has also grown in tempo with a larger awareness about mental health and dealing with the little things that make us human. Stress, anxiety, and depression have become common issues that people confront and deal with along with other life stressors. I personally tend to be a generally anxious person with that little rambling voice inside my head spinning negative narratives. This inability to control these narratives lead me to seek out ways to gain some control back.

During my sophomore year in college I found the app Headspace, an app that uses guided meditation to help you learn the basics of meditation. This app has really helped me endlessly in learning about meditation, what to expect, and how to take the necessary time out of my day to take this time for myself. There are different packs that give you different tools you can use to not let your thoughts take over. These packs can range in different life topics such as adapting to sudden change, managing anxiety, self-esteem, and many more.

"Just like in life, it is important to get outside of your comfort zone and seek to experience the novel and unknown."

Like anything, habits build on consistency and true effects of meditating can be felt just after one session and improved over time from consistent sessions. I find it important to go into meditation with an open mind and open expectations, never knowing how you will benefit from its effects and how it could possibly improve your mentality. Just like in life, it is important to get outside of your comfort zone and seek to experience the novel and unknown. Learning something new and cultivating new habits is a great way to take the time to improve, work, and learn about yourself and you never know where these new revelations might lead.

- Arden B,

Social Media Manager, ZIVA

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