A story of PURPOSE


Hey guys, i'm Sakiyna! I'm from a town called Stone Mountain in Georgia. I grew up in a two-parent household where herbs, meditation and constant soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye and Al Green was a routine. I also grew up watching my dad (who is also my heart) live his life as an entrepreneur until he passed away in 2008 from an aneurysm. Coincidentally, my dad's business was called "The Herb Shop" - providing you herbs for all of your health needs. Watching him heal people was the start.


I launched a bizz  Jan 2020 (in the beginning of a pandemic) called ZIVA (which also means 'light of God'). During this time, ZIVA was geared towards providing quality jewelry pieces - elevating your everyday look. 2020 was a year for everyone, but for me - it was a year of setting "intention" and finding "purpose". I knew I wanted to do something special for ZIVA - in a way that can help people. Six long months later after constant prayer, God confirmed my vision. Using herbs in replacement of Western Medicine while tying that in with my passion for mental health and personal traumas with anxiety. In 2021, ZIVA became a wellness brand - offering you products that are made from pure and fresh ingredients created with intention. Healthy living is non-negotiable.

Hope you stick around. We like commitment over here :)

photographer: @muh_ki_yuh